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Graduate Syllabus

Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a post-graduate program mainly designed for professionals and fresh graduates from different disciplines with a view to providing qualitative and quantitative analytical skills required by leaders in the major fields of governance, administration and development affairs. This program is conducted taking into account the changing needs and trends of the administration/management and graduates’ career prospects. It, therefore, incorporates an international perspective and multidisciplinary approach in its teaching methods. Along with adding extra skill to current professionals working in public, development and business sectors, it will also build fresher’s well-trained and skilled professionals for job opportunities is one of the most important ingredients of this program. It’s a professional degree, rather than an academic one. Like most professional degrees, it can lead to a wide variety of careers. MPAs work in nonprofits, government agencies, international NGOs, social enterprises, private businesses, financial institutions, and more.

Total Credit Hours Requirement

MPA Program has been designed to provide for the adjustment of variation in the backgrounds of the students. The normal credit hours requirement for MPA program is 54.0. However, students having different educational backgrounds and job experience will complete credit hours as shown in the following table.

Minimum courses & credit hours required to be completed by students with different backgrounds.

SL. Qualifications Foundation Course Core Course Major Course Internship/ Dissertation Total Credit
1. Graduate (Pass Course) 12 24 12 6
2. Graduate (Hons)/Masters in Non Social Science Discipline 6 24 12 6
3. Graduate (Hons)/Masters in Social Science Discipline N/A 24 12 6
4. Graduate (Hons)/Masters in any Discipline with 02 years of Experience and Masters in Public Administration N/A 24 12 N/A

Program Structure

MPA program consists of three types of courses:

  1. 04 Foundation courses of 12 Credit for the students who are from pass courses graduates in Arts, Business, Sciences and Social Sciences.
  2. 02 Foundation courses of 06 Credit for the students who are from Graduate (Hons)/Masters in Non Social Science Discipline.
  3. 08 Core courses of 24 credit hours for all students.
  4. 04 specialization courses of 3.0 credit hours each for all MPA students
  5. An internship of 6 credit hours is compulsory for those students who do not have job experience.
  6. Students who are not interested for any specialization/concentration will have to complete any 04 Courses from the specialized subjects to complete general degree in Masters of Public Administration.
  7. Students who have 02 years work experience and exempted from Dissertation/Internship may take Dissertation/Internship instead of 02 Core courses (06 Credits).


Foundation Courses

MPA 401: Introduction to Government and Politics
MPA 402: Human Resource Management                              
MPA 403: Fundamentals of Management                                      
MPA 404: Fundamentals of Sociology                          

Core Courses
MPA 501: Introduction to Public Administration and Management
MPA 502: Organization Theories and Behavior
MPA 503: Administrative Law and Regulatory Administration                                                     
MPA 504: Public Administration in Bangladesh

MPA 505: Performance Management
MPA 506: Managing Change and Innovations in Public Sector / Managing
MPA 507: Public Financial Management                                                   
MPA 508: Advanced Social Research Methodology/

MPA 509: Introduction to Public Policy Analysis
MPA 514: Politics and Development Administration
MPA 515:  Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
MPA 519: Human Resources Development

Concentration/Specialization Area:
Students will have to complete at least four courses (12 credits) of for each area of concentration/specialization.

  1. Public Policy and Governance
    •   Introduction to Public Policy Analysis.
    •   Political and Socio Economic Context of the Public Policy.
    •   Contemporaries Issues in Public Policies and Governance.
    •   Managing Public Organization.
  2. Development Studies
    •   MPA: 301 Development Theories and Approach
    •   MPA:302 Politics and Development Administration
    •   MPA: 303 Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.
    •   MPA: 304 Development Policy Practice and Negotiation
  3. Human Resource Management  (402)
    •   Project Management and Governance
    •   Disaster and Climate Change Governance

MPA 600: Thesis Code:  MPA600


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