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Department of Public Administration has been established in 2015which is one of the leading departments in Stamford University Bangladesh with remarkable academic research and administrative excellence. Although Public Administration is the latest department under the faculty of Social Sciences in Stamford University Bangladesh, but this department is strongly committed to ensure academic excellence in order to create successful and productive human resources for Bangladesh.

The dynamic leadership of its academic advisor Professor Aka Firowz Ahmad and the efforts of other faculty members has enormously helped the department to attain the present stage. Since its establishment, the department has been conducting undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs and offering BPA (Bachelor of Public Administration) and MPA (Master of Public Administration) degree.

The objective of the program is to produce high-level human resources in order to serve public affairs management of the government, non-government, public enterprises, NGOs and private sectors. The program focuses on areas of specialization such as Development Administration, Human Resource Development, Public Finance and Law &Order Administration. After successful completion of the program, a student will be able to function as an Administrator/Manager in government, non-government, public enterprises and private sectors.

The four years BSS and one year MSS programs of the department have strong theoretical and quantitative orientation. We prepare the students to work in Government, private and public sector organizations, multinational companies, research and development sectors, nongovernmental organization (NGO) & nonprofit sectors.

 All students are required to take the core courses like Introduction to Public Administration, E-Governance and Digital Administration, Local Government, Public Management, Personnel and Human Resources Management, Financial Administration, Comparative Public Administration, Sociology of Administration, Organizational Behavior, Development Administration, Public Enterprise, Rural Development etc. Beside these, there are several applied courses such as Applied Research in Administration, Computer Application, Project Management, Administrative Systems Analysis and Public Policy Analysis.

The department of Public Administration is a co-organizer of an international research conference organized by the Netinsearch International, Center for Administrative Research and Innovation (CARI) of University of Dhaka, GAIN International, Australia and Asian Conference on Population and Development (ACPD), China which is hosted by the Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD). 


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